February 13, 2011

Cheetah Chase Becomes Sand Serpent, Cheetah Gifts, & Dance to the Music Returns!

Today we came across a brochure for Busch Gardens and Cheetah Hunt. It was distributed in the Orlando area. Although Cheetah Chase was shown, it had a new name! "Sand Serpent" was listed under Little Thrills but Cheetah Chase was missing. It is listed in the same exact place that Cheetah Chase was on the old brochure. We aren't sure when this name change will take place but we will keep you updated when we find out.
They also have Cheetah Hunt listed as one of the Thrills and Cheetah Run listed as one of the Animal Attractions. Although the whole coaster layout and Cheetah Run aren't on the map quite yet, they do have the figure 8 tower on there. Also listed is Cheetah Gifts which is the name of the shop next to the station. 
Lastly, Dance to the Music is listed under shows which means that it will be back after Let's Dance featuring Burn the Floor is over. It may be different than the show that we all remember from the years prior though so we will be keeping you updated when the show returns.
Thanks to our friend Sam Orlando for the tip and thanks for viewing! Now onto some picture of the brochure, click on the image for a better look. 


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