May 26, 2011

Cheetah Hunt & Cheetah Run Review with Cheetah Cam, Interviews, Photos & More!

Today was media day which officially marked the final Cheetah Hunt & Cheetah Run Update! This one is a HUGE one! Cheetah Hunt which is Florida's first triple-launch coaster! First off, we got to ride Cheetah Hunt! It was an amazing experience and I recommend it to everyone! To better explain the experience here is our Cheetah Cam POV showing our reactions to our first ride:

Also opening Friday is Cheetah Run, Cheetah Run is an exhilarating animal exhibit. It shows off the grace, agility and speed of over a dozen cheetahs including everyones favorite little guy, Kasi! Check out our interview with Mike Boo's VP of Zoology at Busch Gardens below. Be sure to check out our interviews with both Jim Dean, Park President & Mark Rose, VP of Design & Engineering afterwards!

Also apart of the Crossroads of Culture are some fantastic entertainment offerings. First off are the Belly Dancers which roam around the area, Storytellers which tell guest the stories of the crossroads & also stilt walkers among much much more!

Thanks for viewing and be sure to visit Cheetah Hunt & Cheetah Run which open to the public tomorrow, May 27th!  


Anonymous said...

Nice update! I want to ride it soo bad!

Nicholas Tucker said...

Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

I get to ride it in 2 weeks! Great update!

Anonymous said...

In your opinion, is it worth the wait? Is it thrilling? I really do want to ride it, don't get me wrong, I just don't want to be disappointed. Does it feel faster while your riding it? I don't mean to bombard you with a lot of questions, I just want to know because if it doesn't compare to Sheikra or Montu, then I'll stick to riding them while everyone else will be waiting in line for Cheetah Hunt.

Anonymous said...

Loved the review! Cheetah Cam was hilarious!!!

Anthony Armenia said...

To answer your questions, it is definitely worth the wait. It is thrilling but not Sheikra thrilling. It is more like an extreme family coaster. It feels a whole lot faster when you are riding it. :) Hope that helps!

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