6 Reasons to Hire a DUI Lawyer

Driving under the influence is a very serious crime to be charged with but if you are suspected to drive while intoxicated by drugs or alcohol, it could be a charge that lands you behind bars in a lot of hot water. If you face the unfortunate experience of a DUI charge, do not attempt to handle the matter on your own because so very much is at stake. You always need a great alameda dui lawyer to handle your matter in court. Read below to learn six of the many reasons you need a DUI lawyer to handle your case.

1.    DUI lawyers have the legal expertise to defend you in court. This may not be easy to do on your own and without a proper defense, you could be up a creek without a paddle.

2.    Lawyers can help find witnesses, prepare a defense strategy and otherwise ensure that your voice is heard when it is time for you to go to court.

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3.    There is far greater peace of mind when you know there is a lawyer there to help in this dark hour. Jail is a scary experience and not one that you want to endure any time soon. An attorney can help make sure this doesn’t happen.

4.    DUI convictions can turn your life upside down. An attorney makes sure that your life is not tossed upside down due to a DUI conviction.

5.    Fines imposed on the DUI charge/conviction may be reduced when there is an attorney. These fines must be paid or could go to jail so any reduction in this amount is always welcomed.

6.    Your freedom is at stake. An attorney helps keep you out of jail and in the free world where you want to be. Why would you take a risk when your life is at risk?