Why is Your Spouse So Angry During Separation?

It is difficult to fathom how someone you spent such a long time of your life with can become angry and hostile toward you, especially if the cause of the divorce is related to the person’s unwillingness to make necessary changes to make things work. But, exactly why are they so angry when you only tried to love them? There are many reasons for anger and hostility during a divorce, including:

·    Fear is usually a big factor in anger. Getting divorced is scary, whether or not your partner wants to admit the fact. Fear oftentimes comes out as anger, so this is a very realistic possibility.

·    Your spouse has no idea what you or the divorce attorney in Orlando FL has in store during the proceedings and that is scary. So much is on the line when you’re divorcing.

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·    Guilt is also a common reason for those not so pleasant emotions during a divorce. Perhaps your spouse was caught cheating or doing something worse and now feels guilty about causing the marriage to end.

·    Self-hate can be another reason for the anger. If your spouse feels that guilt because he/she did something wrong or has other issues that are in life and unresolved, this may very well be the cause of the anger that is directed toward you.

·    He or she feels wronged in the situation. It is had to be communicable with someone that you feel has done something wrong to you. This is a common reason.

·    The spouse did not want the marriage to end. Hurt oftentimes comes out as anger when one doesn’t want to be perceived as being weak.

When there is an attorney representing your divorce case, it is much easier to minimize some of the anger between spouses. They’ll also take care of other matters like alimony, child custody, and child support, minimizing the need for return court visits.

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